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Civic League Meeting – August 14, 2018

START DATE: Tuesday, Aug 14, 2018 - 7:00 pm

END DATE: Tuesday, Aug 14, 2018 - 8:30 pm

Joe & Cheryl Monaco's Home
4004 Margaret Circle, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

General Meeting Agenda

  1. Raffle – Prize TBD
  2. Approval of the Minutes
  3. Financials – Approve Treasurers Report
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Hospitality – Marilyn Russell
    2. Neighborhood Watch & Dues update – Cheryl Monaco
  5. New Business
    1. Picnic Date

General Meeting Minutes


Bellwood Estates Minutes

August 14, 2018

Officers Present:  Mike McGinn and Joe Monaco


Raffle Winner:  Leslie Hart – Winner $25 gift card to Texas Road House


Officer Garrison came to our meeting from the first precinct.

Officer Garrison mentioned that the YMCA on Dam Neck had an issue with car larceny.  That was a month ago or so.  Make sure you keep your valuables hidden in the cars.  Never leave spare keys in your car.  If you are parked along street, your car can be side swiped.

What should we look for to help police?  Take a picture, remember what the suspects look like.  Don’t chase them with phone to get a picture.  Note vehicle license plate tags.

What can we do for speeding?  Call Police and they can send someone out to patrol the area.  Precinct:  757-385-4377 (First Precinct).   Non Emergency 757-385-5000.


Joe Monaco went over the treasurer’s report.  We have $10,385 in Bellwood Estates account, $1765 in Bellwood Meadows account.  Joe Monaco approved, Marilyn Russel seconded, and the report was approved.


Hospitality – No new neighbors welcomed since last meeting.  If anyone knows of anyone, let Marilyn Russel know.


Question was asked how many rentals are in the neighborhood?  Cheryl Monaco will look that up.

New Update for entrance way:  Bill Brofft has been mowing the grass at both entrance ways.

Frank Galliard asked if they still do neighborhood Watch stickers.


Dues updated:  Bellwood Estates has 51% paid, Bellwood Forrest has 19% paid, Bellwood Meadows has 48% paid.  We are at 47% paid dues for total of 3 neighborhoods.


Old Business – Need a host for November 13 meeting.  Leslie Hart volunteered, 2184 Margaret Drive.


2019 dates for meetings will be:  Feb. 12, May 14, Aug. 13, Nov. 12


Elbow Road Expansion:  A Citizens Information Meeting was held.   Mike McGinn will set up a cloud storage for the neighborhood, Mike can send out a link and everyone can download the paperwork.  The Expansion project is supposed to start Summer of 2019.  They will be starting at Indian River Road and working towards our direction.


They are going to have an auxiliary entrance to our neighborhood when Walpole closes.  It will be closed and have a key to open it for emergency use only.  There are a couple proposals as to where this will be.


Mike discussed with the city about having a stop light at Margaret Drive.  They said that you have to have people in high places to try to push that through.


There will be no crosswalk between Bellwood Meadows and Bellwood Estates.


Collapsed drainway on Fallsway is still being reviewed.


Community Picnic:  Saturday, Sep. 15 at 2:00-5:00.   John Geary proposed, Frank Galliard seconded.  Rain date of Sept. 29.  Todd will update the website.    We will get the bounce house again.  We will ask Todd for generator again for the bounce house.  Lets do the corn hole tournament again.  Have a giant jenga set for the kids.


Community Yard Sale went well.   In order to have pick up of left over items, multiple homes will have to use it and it has to be planned well in advance.


Marilyn proposed doing something nice for Bill Brofft.   Mike will have cookies baked for them.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.


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