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Civic League Meeting – Feb 11, 2020

START DATE: Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020 - 7:00 pm

END DATE: Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020 - 8:30 pm

Mike & Shannon McGinn's Home
2249 Margaret Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

General Meeting Agenda

  1. Raffle
  2. Approval of the Minutes
  3. Financials – Approve Treasurers Report
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Hospitality – Marilyn Russell
    2. Entrance Way – Chuck LeGeyt and Bill Brofft
    3. Neighborhood Watch & Dues update – Cheryl Monaco
    4. Website – Todd Garrett
  5. Old Business
    1. Meetings for 2020 –  May 12 (Margaret Circle Cul-de-Sac BBQ),  Aug 11 (Kelvin King), Nov 10 (Joe Monaco)
    2. Posting Local Professionals on our Website for Dues Paying Members
  6. New Business
    1. Discuss May 12 Civic League BBQ
    2. Any New Topics




General Meeting Minutes


Bellwood Neighborhoods Civic League

For Bellwood Estates, Bellwood Meadows and Bellwood Forest

Neighborhood Quarterly Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2020

Officers present:  Mike McGinn, Kevin King, Joe Monaco, and Mary Reed.

The Bellwood Neighborhoods Civic League was held 7:00 pm at the home of Mike McGinn at 2249 Margaret Drive.  President Mike called the meeting to order.  The meeting began with a raffle (the prize was a $25 gift card) for anyone who arrived prior to the 7:00 p.m.  meeting time.  Wade Powell won the prize.

The minutes were provided by Mary Reed and posted on website.  Mike asked if any changes to minutes.  Cheryl Monaco motioned to approve minutes and seconded by Charlie Williams.

Treasurer’s Report:

Kelvin King presented the treasurer’s report.   Mike McGinn and Kevin King reviewed the 2020BNCL budget and presented at meeting.  Joe Monaco motioned to accept report and seconded by Charlie Williams.

Committee reports:

Dues UpdateCheryl Monaco is currently preparing a mail out to homes with requests for yearly membership for civic league dues of $40.    

Hospitality– Marilyn Russell reported  new families in  the neighborhood. She visited the following addresses:  2008 Meadow Crest Way and  4024 Sarsfield Street.  A gift basket was  given to Rosa Edwards at 4008 Margaret Circle for passing of her husband, James.

Entrance Way – Special thanks to Chuck and John  for maintenance of entranceway  to neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch and Dues update – Cheryl Monaco has prepared packages to be sent to neighbors  for 2020 civic league dues.  Mike will assist Cheryl in preparing packages.   Cheryl will notify block captains to solicited dues from residents.

Website – Todd Garrett reported that website has  been updated to make for easier access.  Posting on the website is now available for local professionals who are members who have paid civic dues.

New Business:

Christmas decorations.  Winners of Christmas lights decoration were:

2113 Walpole – Bellwood Estates

2141 Brodeur Lane – Bellwood Forest

2024 Meadow Crest Way – Bellwood Meadows

Mike has composed a letters to neighborhood residents to advertise their professional services on BNCL website.  The application includes company name, phone number, email address and service provided.  A disclaimer will be attached to state the service is not endorsed or affiliated with BNCL.  Currently, there are 3 listings:

Todd Garrett (drone area photos of home)

Ms. Garrett (babysitter services)

Chuck LeGeyt (Professional insurance)

Next meeting- May 16, 2020 –  Details  were discussed for preparation of BNCL meeting which will be held in  neighborhood cul-de-sac at 4005 Margaret Circle at 5:30 p.m.  Mike will provide the meat and buns.  Kel King will provide condiments for grilled meats.  Cheryl Monaco will bring coolers, water, and tables and Marilyn Russell will bring the ice.

All other residents are requested to bring a side or dessert to share with others.

Elbow Road Expansion Project –  Art Fritz reported an update on expansion project.  Funding is in place but still in acquisition stage.

The fire ants in neighborhood  park will be handled by VA Beach City Parks department.

There was a special guest at the meeting.  Theresa DeRosa from the 2020 Census Team provided employment opportunity information.  Join the 2020 Census Team for extra income, flexible hours, weekly pay and paid training.  For more information apply online at (2020CENSUS.GOV/JOBS) or call


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.


Mary Reed

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