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Welcome to Bellwood Neighborhoods!

Welcome to the Bellwood Neighborhoods Civic League Website.  Please stop back frequently to see updated news and information about what is going on in our neighborhood.

Also, be sure to submit your donations online and update your membership information if needed.

Until then’ I’ll see you at the next meeting or around town!


June 22nd, 2024

7am – 1pm

Please Click the Button below to RSVP for the Community Yard Sale! 

**Upcoming "ZOOM" Meetings**

August 13th, 2024 – 7pm (Zoom Meeting)

November 12th, 2024 – 7 pm (Zoom Meeting)

Look for an Email from Mike with the “Personal Meeting ID & Passcode”

**Elbow Road Expansion Details**

**Pay Your Annual Dues - $40**

It’s that time of year again.  Our dues are low ($40/year) and are used to keep our neighborhood community looking great. The dues collected are used to pay for the mulch and upkeep of our 5 entrance signs as well as the electric bill associated with lighting those signs. We look forward to hosting our Fall party again this year where we provide food for all the participants and raffle off prizes.  Please click the appropriate link below to pay your $40 or you can drop an envelope off at 4004 Margaret Circle with a check made payable to BNCL.  Thanks!!!

Membership Form – Renewal

Membership Form – New Signup

**Bellwood Neighborhood Services**

If you are a dues paying member of Bellwood Neighborhoods, you can advertise your services here!  For more information on how to do this, follow the email link below and send us your details.  Once verified we’ll add you to the site!  Click the button above to see what our neighbors have to offer!




Listed below are the top 5 houses that received the most votes for the 2023 Holiday Season.

The winners (Top 3 were given Amazon Gift Cards).

We had 19 Households participate in the voting, hopefully next year we’ll get more Voters!

Tied for 1st Place (7-Votes)

Tied for 1st Place (7-Votes)

3rd Place (6-Votes)

4th Place (5-Votes)

5th Place (4-Votes)

Pay Attention on Elbow Road!

**Elbow Road Update**

Be careful on Elbow Road…Click the button below for an update!  As you can see they are starting to move utility wiring around our entrances & it looks like someone collided with both guard rails in the turns this weekend…Stay Alert in the Turns! 

**Bellwood Neighborhoods Community Picnic Fun!**

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