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Bellwood Estates Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP)

– Together we are making Bellwood Estastes a safer place to live… for ourselves and our children! –

The Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) is certified by the Virginia Beach Police Department.

Please make sure that you lock your homes, use alarms, keep outside lights on as a deterrent.

Also make sure that you lock and take valuables out of your cars if they are parked in your driveway or on the street.

Remember the Bellwood Estates CVB park closes at dusk.
Should you see anyone in there at night, please call the non-emergency # 385-5000.

Also, we are now considered Precinct 1.
Officer Bradley Detrich is our NWP Contact.
You can contact him at or 385-1371.

• What is a Neighborhood Watch Program?
It can be called a citizen’s watch, block watch or neighborhood watch that encourages homeowners in a particular area to prevent crime or reduce crime. It also creates a positive rapport with the law enforcement and to be their eyes and ears. (Neighborhood Watch Is Not The Formation Of Vigilante Groups).

• How Many People Do We Need To Participate In A Neighborhood Watch Program?
We need 50% of the subdivision to participate each year.

• What Concerns Do We Have As A Subdivision?
Need for neighborhood association and sense of community
Over turned garbage cans
Broken glass
Child safety
Peeping toms/prowlers
Excessive noise
Auto/property vandalism or theft
Yard/garden equipment
Animal problems
Accumulation of hazardous junk in yards

• How Can I Sell My Area On The Idea Of A Neighborhood Watch?
This is a return to the old days where neighbors watched out for one another. It helps a community become stronger. It generates concerns for each other in bad weather, this way neighbors can check in on one another to make sure everything is o.k. It lets everyone know that you will be there in case of personal crisis such as a fire, flood or crime. It gives us a chance to have block parties, covered dish suppers or other events to bring the community out. It gives us the chance to beautify our neighborhood. It is a network of different neighborhoods working together.

• Operation Identification
You can purchase or borrow from the Crime Prevention Unit an electric engraving pen or an inexpensive diamond-tipped marking pen from a hardware or department store. You want to tell neighbors to mark TV’s, radios, appliances, gold clubs, tools and items such as these. Make a complete inventory of all items containing serial numbers. Put the inventory and photos in a safe place, along with other seldom used materials. If police recover your property, the pictures and serial numbers will help prove that the item is yours. Such records are also useful in filing insurance claims. Finally, let the burglars know that your goods are marked and can be traced. Get your community to be an active Neighborhood Watch and all the participants will receive Operation Identification stickers. Display these stickers on your front window, front door or on any other clearly visible location.

• Contact:

Officer Bradley Detrich – 1St Precinct – 385-1371
Crime Prevention Unit – 385-1006
Non – Emergency Police Phone Number: 385-5000

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