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Neighborhood Watch FAQs

Q:  Why should I bother getting involved?

A:  There are several criminal crews committing crimes in our neighborhood because we have become easy targets.  The “good news” about our situation has spread amongst various loosely associated criminal elements in the Virginia Beach area.  The VBPD cannot handle breaking this criminal activity alone.  They need solid information from us to assist them in enforcing the law.

Q:  What does it take to be involved?

A:  It’s pretty easy, really.  All you have to do is make a personal pledge to do these things to the best of your ability:

  1. Be a little more observant than you normally are.
  2. Remember or take note of as many details you can about any criminal or suspicious activity you observe in our neighborhood.
  3. Contact the VBPD at 911 for emergencies and 757-385-5000 for non-emergencies.
  4. Follow up your call to VBPD by contacting the Bellwood Estates Neighborhood Watch Coordinator at
  5. Contact the NWP Coordinator at whenever you see something somewhat suspicious or potentially criminal that may not quite meet the criteria for reporting to VBPD.

Q:  How involved or committed do I have to be?

A:  It’s really up to you.  We need your eyes and ears.  You can become a Block Captain or you can keep your eyes open and just help us spread the word.  All we need is a good means to contact you.

Q:  What’s in it for me?

A:  You’ll receive e-mail updates when criminal or suspicious activity is present in our neighborhood.  Soon we’ll be able to report solid information faster than criminals can escape our neighborhood.  That news will spread amongst them, as well, and they’ll pick softer targets or go to jail. In either case, our properties and families will be more secure.  You’ll also receive tips on how to keep from being a victim of crime.

Q: So how do I join?

A:  Using the following link fill out the Bellwood Estates Neighborhood Watch Participation Form.

Q:  What do we do?

A:  We impact crime by being observant and communicating what we see with law enforcement authorities and each other.

Q: What don’t we do?

A:  We don’t disrespect our neighbor’s privacy or harass each other over perceived code violations.

Q: Aren’t I already a member if I am in the Civic League?

A:  No, you’re not. NWP is endorsed by but not a part of the BECL.  Civic League membership is not shared with the Neighborhood Watch and vice versa.

A final note from the NWP Coordinator:

We’ve had some successes catching criminals in the last couple of months, some were made public others were not.  We aren’t out of the woods from this criminal activity by a long shot.  We have many more successes just ahead of us.  Please join us and be a part of the Neighborhood Watch.

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