List of RSVPs

Here is a list of some of the people who are attending our upcoming event and what they are bringing.

Wade & Linda Powell
Side Dish - Pineapple Orange casserole
The Sewell Family
Side Dish - Bean bake
The Russell family
Side Dish - Kale and carrot salad
The Reed Family
Dessert - Mary Elizzbeth Reed
The McGinn Family
Side Dish - Hotdogs & Hamburgers
The Gorczyk Family
Side Dish - Bean salad
Morgan Family
Side Dish - Chips
Side Dish - Broccolli Slaw
Dessert - Chuck and Pat LeGeyt
Lauren Nelson (and one child)
Side Dish - Unknown at this time
Kelvin and Debbie King
Side Dish - condiments and cooking burgers
Joanna Goode Zimmerman
Dessert - Cake
Joanna Goode Zimmerman
Dessert - Cake
Hannah family
Dessert - Brownies
Geary family
Side Dish - Meaty baked beans
Garrett Family
Dessert - Cookies
Butch and Melonie Whitehead
Dessert - Brownies
Becky Watt
Side Dish - fruit
Barb & Joel Cossette
Dessert - Rice Kristy treat
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