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Block Captain’s Resources

Chics Beach PoliceBlock Captains may click on the following for links to documents and other web sites offering assistance for a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain. You may want to tell the participating residents on your block to check the resources online here, or you may want to download a file(s) or copy a hyperlink and send it in e-mail to the residents on your block.

Recommended Block Captain Duties

This file is a one-page summary of Block Captain duties.

Recommended Actions for Participating Residents

This file is a one-page summary of actions recommended for residents. It offers residents help in determining suspicious behavior and provides phone numbers and embedded hyperlinks both to send e-mail and to get to helpful web sites.

Chesapeake Beach Map

This an electronic map of the neighborhood pieced together from city maps scanned and reassembled into this file. Block numbers were added by hand.  This is handy for determining locations of crimes being committed and locating streets with other Block Captains.

CBNW Tailored Membership Form

This is a a CBNW Membership Form MS Word document that had been modified by Cathy and Bill Baber from one created by Joe Blase.  That is an excellent form that can modified and personalized by each Block Captain for their street(s) and is most helpful if you are going to mail them or if you have to leave the form on someone’s doorstep or in their mailbox because it explains the purpose of signing up with the program.

Neighborhood Watch Sign Up–3 per page

This document has the CBNW Participation Form in another format.  If you are talking to residents in person and they wish to participate, you might want to be using this file.  It is a PDF file with Neighborhood Watch participation forms, 3 to a page, which you can print out and then have people fill out if you are talking to them in person.

Automated CBNW Participation Form

This file is also for use in signing people up for the program, but it is an electronic form.  It is only helpful if you already have someone’s e-mail address, because they need to fill out the form on their computer. The form is in a special Adobe format that allows individuals to fill out the form using the Adobe Reader program that comes with all computers. On the form is a button for them to hit when they are finished. The button will open up an e-mail in their default e-mail program with the data attached to the e-mail and the e-mail ready to be sent to our webmaster’s e-mail address.  The e-mail attachment will look like garbled characters until it is converted into the completed PDF form on the webmaster’s computer. At that point, he will forward the completed PDF form to both the appropriate Block Captain and to Dave Hall, our CBNW Coordinator.  Again, this is only helpful if you are soliciting participation via e-mail, but the result is that the BCs and our Coordinator will each end up with a copy of the resident’s participation form.

Chesapeake Beach Neighborhood Watch Program Trifold Brochure

This is a flyer summarizing the Chesapeake Beach Neighborhood Watch Program.  A hardcopy was delivered to all Bellwood Estates residents with the November CBCL newsletter.

NW Coordinator’s and Block Captain’s Training Guide (rev Oct 2006)

This is a VBPD training guide for local Neighborhood Watch programs.

A Guide for Protecting Your Home and Property.

Located on the VBPD web site, this is a very thorough booklet detailing how residents can secure their home from burglars.


Securing Your Home and Cars Against Crime.

This is a summary of key ways that residents can fight back against property crimes, put together from VBPD sources.

Vacation Checklist

This is a Vacation Checklist put together by the National Sheriff’s Association, who created the Neighborhood Watch program.  It has many helpful reminders of things to do before leaving in order to keep your home safe while you are away on vacation.

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