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Elbow Road Expansion Project – Update – November 12, 2019

START DATE: Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019 - 5:30 pm

END DATE: Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019 - 7:30 pm

Glenwood Elementary School
2213 Round Hill Drive, Virginia Beach, VA, USA

General Meeting Agenda

***Update as of September 20, 2019***

Elbow-IIB’s construction start schedule has been
postponed. Click Here to visit the City’s Project site:  Click Here: Elbow Road Project Site

Soon, I’ll begin negotiations with the developer of Bellwood Forest – Phase 2 (a proposed 12-lot expansion of Bellwood
Forest… Broduer Lane extension) to incorporate an emergency-vehicle-access path into the developer’s construction

Annette B. Hare
Senior Project Manager
Transportation Project Management
Public Works Engineering
City of Virginia Beach


Click Here:  **Elbow Road Expansion Project**


This meeting will be an open forum for the public, a formal presentation will not be given. Representatives from the City will be available to provide information to all interested citizens on the proposed Elbow Road, Phase II and the Indian River Road-Phase VII project.  Both are long-standing, multi-mile roadway re-alignment projects with federal, state and local funding.

Elbow Road-Phase IIB is the next phase of the overall Elbow Road-Phase II project, which stretches from the Princess Anne Athletic Complex entrance on Dam Neck Road to the city limit line on Elbow road, adjacent to Stumpy Lake. Elbow Road-Phase IIB includes the first two-lanes of the ultimate four-lane divided roadway from the intersection with Margaret Drive, to the city limit line on Elbow Road adjacent to Stumpy Lake. The proposed roadway will follow a new alignment crossing North Landing River as well as Indian River Road, creating a new signalized intersection. These first two lanes will include bike lanes on each side plus curb and gutter, LED street lighting and a wide sidewalk along the south side. Noise walls required for the ultimate roadway configuration will be installed on both sides of the proposed right-of-way for the phase of construction.

The Indian River Road-Phase VII project begins on the north side of the proposed Indian River and “re-aligned Elbow” intersection constructing a four-lane, divided roadway along a new alignment northward to the intersection of Indian River and Lynnhaven Parkway. This proposed roadway section will also include bike lines, curb and gutter, drainage
improvements, wide sidewalks, LED street lighting and landscaping. Required noise walls will be installed along both sides of the proposed right-of-way.

Click the following link to go to the dedicated “Elbow Road Expansion Project” on our website with detailed photos!


Click Here:  **Elbow Road Expansion Project**


General Meeting Minutes


See the attached Handout (Green Minutes Button above) for more details!

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